Been quietly coding away at A Shark Named Steve, and aside from my wishlist of things I’d like to add in to the game, there’s only 2 things left on the checklist to finish up. Over the past month I’ve managed to whittle my ToDo/Bug list down to two items left. It kept growing daily so it’s nice to see it finally shrink and stay shrunk.  Ones an update to the database / IAP purchasing to record those which I’m going to be working on next, and the other is to touch up and redo the game over screen and add some sound there..

Other than that we’re looking at being done no later than this Saturday the 18th! Just in time to try to get some promo before Shark Week hits! Wooohooo! I really wanted this out two weeks ago, but I also won’t put something out if *I* don’t think it’s ready. I see enough of those games where a month later they get an update that says “Added sound effects!” WTF? Shouldn’t that have ALWAYS been there? Sheesh.

Anyways, A Shark Named Steve is on his way!