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Owner, Operator, Coder, ALL

There is no team, there is only me…

That’s ok though. I like it better this way!

SquigglyFrog Studios (SFS) is a one man operation based out of Treasure Valley, specifically Caldwell, ID. SFS develops games for multiple platforms, mostly using the Unity3D game engine and mostly focus on 2d casual and puzzle type games. So my dad was not into cars. He was not into sports. What he was in to was electronics and his ham radios. So from the moment I was able to comprehend the basics, he had me tinkering. I started with my own Timex Sinclair 1000 and his Vic-20 back in the early 1980’s and I have been writing software since then. As time went on and he upgrade his systems, I got his old ones. Commodores, the 16, 64, and 128, and Ataris, 800xl, 130xe, and at one point a TI-994/a. I taught myself everything I know, and never stopped learning. I do have a career with a major telecommunications company, and I still view this as a hobby.

Fast forward many many years….

SquigglyFrog Studios was originally set up back in 2004 and under a different name, and all of my programming was done in C++. After several unknown small titles that noone (including myself) even has anymore (or ever played), I learned. Never stop learning! I used a multitude of libraries and tried all sorts of things to continue making games for myself, and then one day I stumbled on to Microsoft XNA. That was when things got easier, more fun and I started actually publishing my software. With XNA I was able to release multiple titles on the XBox 360 and the Windows Store, even the Windows Phone and Zune; my first venture into mobile development.

Soon XNA was unsupported and there were new players on the market that used the basis of that to bring truly cross platform development to the masses. Which leads us to today, bring quality software and fun to the masses.. Or at least to those who download it and play it! And to you, THANK YOU!

Being a one man operation, there is basically no budget allotted for any of this, so I rely on finding assets that are in the public domain or artists and composers who are willing to work for royalties or for credit. With that being said, if you fit into that category and would like to collaborate, feel free to use the Contact link above and reach out!

Development times tend to take a bit longer when it’s only you doing and coordinating everything, especially when you consider family obligations. I do have a and a life and that seems to eat up the majority of my time, including helping the wife with her daycare, but this also provides a good playtest environment. If the kids find it boring, then most likely others will too and this allows me to change my strategy a bit. Having a long development cycle also allows me the time to work on each game and give it the focus I believe it deserves. Often times the games do not live up to *my* standards and therefore never see the light of day in public, and other times, games are developed just far enough to prove a concept.

My games are not developed to compete with the high end triple A games out there, they are designed to bring back the fun and feeling of the older generation of games that were based on gameplay, not graphics. Many of my games have simple concepts with a little backstory to them, but the gameplay and fun is what I hope will lead people back to play them again and again! These games also do not provide an income, so for those that have purchased them, it’s a bonus and a blessing, and I truly thank you!

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