• New title menu … drumroll…

    New title menu for Lady Goldfish.. took me a while to come up with something I actually liked and wanted to work with! Next up, we work on moving the mock up into NGUI..


  • Time to rework the title screen…

    The title screen for Lost Treasures was put together just to throw something up there to help me get started.. I am not and have never been one that could use little oddball looking blocks and placeholders for anything.. If it isn’t visually appealing to ME, then I find myself quickly losing interest.. So I tend to work on the art as I go and usually will go back later and fine tune it as needed. It’s just how I am.. The title screen though just doesnt work for me now, plus it needs more of a gui system.. so .. enter NGUI.. I bought it, I damn well better put it to use..

    Tonight I’m fleshing out basic ideas for how I want to lay it out, and then tomorrow I’ll jump in and start dropping that into NGUI. I’m still not sure if I want to put the button text on the button images themselves, or use labels.. Labels and my unity do not get along, and are constantly a giant blur on my screen until I actually run the game in the editor.. then they suddenly snap to clarity.. really annoying, but thats life.. Not sure if its that way for everyone, but does it on both of my pc’s, so I live with it. Off to bed I think for the night.. tomorrows friday so…

  • Whirlpools!

    Took me a little bit of time to figure out how I wanted to code a whirlpool.. and have it affect other objects.. A whirlpool was the next logical obstacle, and having the graphic is great.. but if you pay attention to the little details, a graphic is not everything.. It would be unrealistic to have wood planks that simply floated over top of the whirlpool.. or fish or dolphins under water that swam right through it.. Yes, its a game, but its those little details that make the difference.

    I still havent figured out how I want the interaction between the player and the whirlpool, but everything else is figured out.. If a wood plank now comes into the collider range of it, it starts to spin around the pool, shrinking in size as it gets swallowed up.. Looks great and works really well. I don’t think that its going to affect coins though which kind of float ‘above’ the water surface.. the way this is coded, I have to add code to each object that would be affected by it.. not a big deal, but I dont think we need it eating everything in sight..

    I also modified the aquatic life to make sure they avoid any active whirlpools.. better that way… we don’t need fish committing suicide intentionally.. =D  Next up though is figuring the player interaction.. Right now the game is based on a 1 life health system… so I am trying to think of the best way to handle and incorporate that. I had thought integrating lives into the game, but not sure yet.. only time will tell I guess!


  • Site Updated…

    Decided to switch the site over to wordpress and make my life a little bit easier. From this point on I will be mirroring most of what I post on our facebook page (like us using the menu on the left!) here.. If you had subscribed and were getting the RSS feed, well it’s time to update that link and put in the new one! Now that this is done, I need a break from wordpress and its time to either go play WoW or Landmark for a bit.. maybe do a little more coding on Lady Goldfish.. :)  Hope you all have a great evening!

  • Lady Goldfish Continues…

    Work is definitely continuing on The Lost Treasures of Lady Goldfish. Took a short break to redesign this site, and this is coming along nicely.. In between that though I’ve taken some time to work on some of the new obstacles including new floating ice chunks in some of the levels.. Im also working on adding some new obstacles including mermaids / sirens that can sing out and lure your poor crew to their deaths.. Also in the works are whirlpools.. that can literally suck in their surroundings.. still trying to work on getting gravity / attraction added to them, but hey, I’ll get there..

    This was a side project mostly designed to teach myself Unity3d.. and I must say I have learned a lot.. Enough that its going to make me redo a lot of Coastal Glide yet again, but the changes will be worth it. The current Unity version would definitely have issues when it comes to non-standard screen resolutions.. Design fault all my own.. Now that I have leveraged the power of NGUI, its all going to be good from here.. I hope..

  • Testing Image Posts


  • The New Fish wip


    The New Fish wip, right now for Windows 8, wp8, wp7

  • Coastal Glide wip


    Coastal Glide wip

  • Lady GoldFish wip



    Work in Progress shot of The Lost Treasure of Lady Goldfish

  • New cms, new site, more updates…

    Spent the evening  learning how to painstakingly move all of my Drupal content over to WordPress. Most of the posts made it over without a problem, and those few (20-30) that didn’t, I am not going to worry about. I am also going to start a new way of posting.. I am going to continue to post updates to our facebook page, but I will also post the updates here. There are those that just don’t do facebook, and why have this site if I am not going to use it?

    Have a dinner date with the wife and some friends tonight, after that though it’s back on to the Lost Treasures.. maybe some WoW.. but definitely working on some level building in treasures tonight.. This will actually be the first full game I have done in Unity and I still have a lot to term..

    I started moving Coastal Glide over to Unity, but that was before I bought NGUI and learned how to use the gui elements.. so the whole profile screen in Coastal needs to be redone.. this time properly.