• Shiny New Pause Screen.. Now with ads!



    Coding away for the day at Lady Goldfish.. Have ads on the title screen implemented, interstitial ads every 2 levels, and a new pause screen. I’m setting this up so that ads are only on non-gameplay screens and present enough to hopefully get an in app purchase of .99 to remove em, but not be a hindrance like some apps out there.. kind of a fine line… I may even change the interstitials to every 3 levels, and may add an ad at the bottom of the level complete screen as well. Will have to see… 

    I have to give a salute to Reign Studios and their unified mobile plugin.. This thing is $95 off their website, $125 on the asset store, but it covers just about everything all in one package. I looked at Prime31 too, but I think this was the better way. Support so far has been, well, nonexistent on the forums. At least for the week I’ve had my couple posts up, but I realized that before I bought this. The documentation and sample screens pretty much cover the bases, at least for the ads. I’m hoping the IAP demos are just as easy to work with. Support aside, I love this plugin and will be using it for a long while to come. I’m hoping the author keeps updating it as he has been and adds some more support for other networks like vungle, etc. Still trying to figure out all this advertising stuff myself.

    Oh, and moved the office to the other room.. doubled the space.. better acoustics too.. win-win for me!

  • Successfully funded! Free art and a side project!


    Well, the work paid off and The Lost Treasures of Lady Goldfish is fully funded. Most of the money is already in except for like one payment, and im waiting on it to transfer to the bank so I can get the assets needed for the ad’s, in-apps and everything else. Well worth the wait though. There’s a lot I could have done better with the kickstarter, but being my first one I half didnt expect it to even get funded. I did very little advertising, so a lot of it was family and friends; which just goes to show how much family and friends are valued!

    I’ve also been working on porting a gamejam project from last year into Unity and have it almost fully functioning. The old version was coded using Monogame and C#… but I think now Unity is the better choice.. Why should I have to reinvent the wheel every single game when something like Unity with a few asset packs can take care of 90% of the boring hard work.. leaves me more time to work on the games themselves.. Just to share, here’s a screenshot of it running in the Unity editor..

    Found a wonderful site with some excellent artwork for game developers at http://www.gamedeveloperstudio.com/ .. excellent pricing, and good graphics. A lot of free stuff as well.. matter of fact, more free than paid.. and he is working on some new art for the game as well. Definitely worth stopping by his site and supporting him by grabbing some of his art! I’m planning to use his resources to help port some of my other projects over and finish them up in Unity as well such as Coastal Glide, The New Fish, The 10 Gallon Squiggle, and a couple others I have in mind..

    Well, enough rambling…


  • $65 total left! Pledge now!

    Only need $65 to get funded! $50 of this should be promised if we can just hit the $300 mark! So even $5 helps a lot! 9 days to go!!



  • Lady Goldfish Kickstarter Live!

    Alright everyone, I have created a kickstarter project to help raise funds to finish Lady Goldfish and future projects! I need your support, and you can donate as little as $1.. The funds are not applied to your account until the project is funded, *IF* it is funded, which would be August 30th! At the very least, if you can not donate, do me the courtesy of sharing this kickstarter project out as much as you can! Thank you for all of your support!


  • Who wants to be a tester?

    I will be updating and publishing various builds of Lady Goldfish on its new website, http://ladygoldfish.sfsgames.com . These builds will primarily be android based and will be alpha/beta versions not ready to be put out there on the market yet.. Unlike a lot of newer developers, I do not see the point in publishing a piece of software that has KNOWN issues, and listing it on the market as a beta.. If it’s not done… dont publish it.. DUH! I am asking for any feedback on the controls, UI scaling etc.. Comments may be posted here or on our facebook page. Any feedback is appreciated!

  • Working on the level complete screen…

    Lady Golddfish level complete screen!



    Slowly working our way towards completion and then an eventual release on at least Android and Windows.. Have the level complete screen in game, just need to finish up the animations for it.. and also have the new control schemes built. I think for now I’m going to stick to the standard touch control that was already there, and then I added a gamepad with an onscreen joystick. Both versions of the controls also include a left handed mode for those other players..

    Hoping to finish the level complete screen this evening before bed.. But we shall see.. I keep getting distracted by ESO..

  • 99 Cent Sale!! Share this post everywhere and get your copies today!!

    99 Cent Sale!! Share this post everywhere and get your copies today!!


    Kollectiv – A fast paced puzzle game combining the best of match 3 games and tetris! Only .99 through the end of the month on the Windows store


    Cannon #12 – Classic space shoot em ups are back, and you are humanity’s last hope! Only .99 through the end of the month on the Windows store


  • Lady Goldfish Bug Squashing…

    Spent the evening squashing some bugs in the code.. Thought I had some lighting errors, but turns out it was due to not scaling the Z axis properly which led to a loss of textures.. Got that fixed.. Also did some work on setting the next level up and making sure all of our objects are disabled between levels. More work was done and levels 1-20 are now updated and completed. I’m still thinking of adding a few more objects, but its getting there pretty quick!

  • 2D obstacle avoidance with raycasts

    Just got done setting up my islands in Lady Goldfish and doing some testing on the obstacle avoidance. Got to make sure that our whales and pirates don’t get stuck when navigating around any of the islands. In this video I have the raycasts drawn on the screen so you can see how they detect the obstacles and then adjust their direction accordingly.



  • Minor change.. Obstacle avoidance that took a couple days…

    Well, I broke down and went back to my original plan of using raycasts to steer the whales and pirate ships around the map.. Originally I had issues, didn’t have the patience and scrapped the whole system in favor of using waypoints.. which created yet another issue.. Do I manually build 2-4 paths for each level in the game, or do I attempt to implement a path finding system.. Waypoints did actually work, but not nearly as well as I wanted.. So the other day I ripped all of that out and started working with the raycasts again..

    As of tonight, each whale and pirate ship is now using a group of 5 raycast ‘feelers’ to sense the terrain around them. The only thing I’m paying attention to is the islands themselves.. Depending on which ray hits the island we make a turn in the opposite direction. Once the object hits the other side of the screen and goes completely off, a new target position is calculated and applied and our object turns around on its return path.. It may have taken me a day or two to work out, and while the code is mildly hacked together (including separate routines for left to right and right to left), it works beautifully. I got tired of fighting it.. get it working one way, and it failed on the return trip.. this solution worked out just fine and noone could tell the difference.

    Now I can return to building the levels for the game which will be 100 times simpler now! W00hoo!