• LuvBugz Gameplay Rewrite…

    Rewriting the main game code. Sure, it will take a bit of time, but this way the cells auto detect their neighbors using simple colliders and raycasts, which will ultimately allow for multiple different shapes and layouts.. Already got all of that coded and have pieces dropping into place. Now I’m just rewriting the code for shuffling, picking pieces etc. Most of it will be pretty simple to redo and a lot will be copied and pasted from the original. However the original was getting to be some really severe, not quite spaghetti code, but it was all disorganized and thrashed together. This will be much more organized and will aid me in a lot of ways.


  • 10 days off, 10 days of coding

    Alright, first I’ll admit I can be lazy. When January 1 comes round, almost every year I take at least 10 days off work to do, well, nothing.

    I finally got back into the coding mood, and spent most of the evening kicking out some functionality to handle the end of the level, mostly on the Out of Moves screens. This game will have energy and of course it will have its standard currency, currently leaves, but unlike most games, I’m planning on these only being earnable IN GAME, and not through any kind of IAP.

    My goal is to keep this one simpler, with the only monetization being in game video ads periodically. Nothing invasive, but enough that it will still generate some income. Later on if the game is even popular, I might consider adding in some IAP, but right now I don’t want to go down that road. It just complicates things and it has more appeal if it doesn’t want users to split with their hard earned cash. Plus this way, you earn your levels.

  • Finally an Update!

    Yes, I just realized its been since march that I have updated this. Most of the updates will end up on our facebook page, so if you haven’t liked it yes, check the sidebar and give us a like! Now, in the past 9 months theres been several new projects started, and the old ones will be finished. Most recently is a simple drag-and-match game called LuvBugz. I’ve been rather busy coding away and most of the functionality is all there along with a ton of spit and polish! There are a few game play features that still need to be implemented, but as a whole it’s mostly playable already! Expect a video showcasing the game here within the next 2 weeks, whether it’s done or not! But for now, I share with you a couple screenshots…





  • Work is done on all the minigames…

    Ok, so all of the Coastal Glide mini games are completed. We have One n Thirty, Gluckhaus, Dead Mans Coin, 100 Men, Pirates Path, and Six Runes.. for a video preview of the in-city interface, check out below!

    Working on building up the warehouse system which will allow you to transfer items between cities for a fee and time. Alternatively you will be able to use an alternate monetary payment to transfer cargos instantly. More will come on this later.

  • Six Runes Mini Game is done!

    Well, finally got the coding completed on Six Runes, another of the tavern mini-games in Coastal Glide.. that leaves just 3 more to do for now.. this one I only went back to the original codebase for a few things.. most of six runes was rewritten from scratch.. also learned a lot about NGUI with physics and all sorts of fun stuff here.. mostly the physics is just for the runes being spread out on the table. Much better than the original games static layout.. Not sure which game i’m going to work on next.. probably Dead Mans Coin..




  • Coastal Glide.. Gluckhaus is done!

    Ok, coding continues on Coastal Glide and its conversion and update from Monogame to Unity. Latest completion is the tavern mini-gambling game, Gluckhaus! The only thing left to do is intergrate its scene into the game and the profile variables. Each minigame is created as a standalone project that way I dont have to click through 7 different screens each time to test a minor change. Onwards to the next mini-game!



  • Work continues…

    Seems like I lost some posts here somewhere, so this will be just a quick recap. I’m currently working on two different projects right now. A Shark Named Steve is actually nearing completion. Most of the gameplay is all built and now its just build the infrastructure for the in-app purchases, add their effects in, add in the ads and more.. Most of this is handled already using Reign Studios Unified Mobile Plugin, so it should be quick to implement..

    Taking a break from that, I’m back to work on Coastal Glide, this time built with Unity. It’s definitely sped up the process, but at the same time some parts have been slowed considerably. Rewriting the majority of the screens has been kind of a pain, but most of the logic can be copied and pasted from the old codebase. It’s just a matter of reworking all of the input to handle the way Unity handles it. Sometimes this makes life easy, sometimes its a major pain in my behind..

    Ah well, time to get back to work!

  • New opening screen!


  • Lady Goldfish Progress.. Too much to list…

    Well, made a ton of progress on Lady Goldfish in the past month. If you’re not keeping up on our facebook page, you should be! Check the link to the right! Let’s see.. We now have a fully functioning home built high scores and promo codes system for the game based off php, c# and mysql running on my own host. I tried a lot of prebuilt systems but they just didn’t have what I wanted, or were just a pain to implement and work with.. so .. Roll you own! I’m also considering achievements, but if I did, they would also end up home grown and not using google play or anything like that.. what a pain to handle all the different markets.. ugh..

    The main menu is also completely done, ads are showing and in-app purchases are completely done and tested on several android devices. I will still need to work on moving those over to the Windows store, and then eventually iOS, but that’s later down the road. To start at least, android will be the easiest target. I have added several game modes to the game, so aside from the normal game play there will be a timed game.. basically you get a set time.. every something collected adds to that timer.. no lives.. havent decided if its going to have a lives system or just go till you run out of time.. Arcade mode, similiar but no lives at all; just one boat and your health, no timer, play till you die..

    The high score system will track game modes and from the main menu you can actually sort the scores according to game mode, or all combined. I did implement to score lists, a local scores for just you on your device, and a global high score system to see how you rank.. For those that backed the game, I’m not actually going to create a seperate full APK for android; I’m just going to give out promo-codes to each person to redeem to remove the ads, unlock the boat pack and remove the night time levels if they want.

    I’ve started getting the game modes implemented in the game itself, although since these were added later, it’s a little time consuming searching for where things are tallied and updated and modifying them. I still want to add some more obstacles into the game as well, and I’m determined to have natives on the islands with bows and arrows.. but time will tell if it’s actually going to add to the game and if its worth the time investment to do so..

  • Shiny New Pause Screen.. Now with ads!



    Coding away for the day at Lady Goldfish.. Have ads on the title screen implemented, interstitial ads every 2 levels, and a new pause screen. I’m setting this up so that ads are only on non-gameplay screens and present enough to hopefully get an in app purchase of .99 to remove em, but not be a hindrance like some apps out there.. kind of a fine line… I may even change the interstitials to every 3 levels, and may add an ad at the bottom of the level complete screen as well. Will have to see… 

    I have to give a salute to Reign Studios and their unified mobile plugin.. This thing is $95 off their website, $125 on the asset store, but it covers just about everything all in one package. I looked at Prime31 too, but I think this was the better way. Support so far has been, well, nonexistent on the forums. At least for the week I’ve had my couple posts up, but I realized that before I bought this. The documentation and sample screens pretty much cover the bases, at least for the ads. I’m hoping the IAP demos are just as easy to work with. Support aside, I love this plugin and will be using it for a long while to come. I’m hoping the author keeps updating it as he has been and adds some more support for other networks like vungle, etc. Still trying to figure out all this advertising stuff myself.

    Oh, and moved the office to the other room.. doubled the space.. better acoustics too.. win-win for me!