Release Date:

February 6, 2024
Infinity Game Table
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  • 2-4 local players – Head-to-head, or 1 player against up to 3 AI’s
  • Board spaces that change with every game keep it new and interesting!
  • Short on time? Play a 1- or 2-month game, got a little longer? Go all out and play an entire year
  • Easy to learn, but can you learn to balance your CashFlo?
  • Ideal for ages 8+ to start learning key money lessons, but educational and entertaining for the whole family!
  • Designed and Developed exclusively for the Infinity Game Table

What Is It

Do you have what it takes to make it to payday? Put on your money hat and buckle up for a wild ride through the month(s) with CashFlo, the thrilling board game that will have you strategizing how to earn, save, and spend your hard-earned dollars.

It’s not all about paying bills and surviving though. There are exciting surprises along the way! Discover hidden treasures that you can buy and sell to boost your income.

Will you strike it rich or end up in debt?

The outcome is in your hands as you strategize your way to financial success. Gather your family and friends and let the financial adventure begin! Who will end up with the highest net worth?

Will it be… You?


Tap start, choose a comfy spot around the table, and tap to join in!

If you’re alone, don’t worry — just tap in another player or two and turn on the AI for a fun solo match! Select your player and let’s go!

Roll the dice, move the indicated spaces, and see what that day has in store for you.

Will you win the lottery? Or is it a trip to the mailbox?

Will it be junk mail? Or is it just another bill due at the end of the month to add to that growing pile.

Oh wait, is it a shopping spree?

I wonder what you might find!

*Ping* Oh, you better check that message, it might be someone looking to make you an offer!


  • Careful timing of purchases and sales is key to building your worth.
  • Seize opportunities to buy low and sell high.
  • Remember, opportunity may knock more than once!
  • Big purchases require planning – take out a loan but pay it back before the game ends!
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