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Infinity Game Table
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ToDo List:

Current ToDo List:

  • End of Game Winner Display and Announcement
  • Computer AI
    • Logic
    • Animations

Change Log:

Newest Entries On Top

September 4th

  • AI Updates
    • Implemented first phase of the AI for computer players, so it now shows a processing icon, a pointer that the ai will move to the button, and it clicks it.
    • Currently it can only handle making choices about rolling the dice, but will be expanding to all aspects shortly.

September 3rd, 2023

  • Processed dump of mail cards for spell / grammar checking
  • Fixed (I believe) a bug relating to displaying the properly rotated player interface to the proper player based on position around the table

August 26th, 2023

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where you could keep clicking the sold button on the pawn item tab which would keep trying to sell the first item to the shop.. Made all the sold buttons non interactable. Just for looks people
  • UI Changes
    • Wrote new script and hooked up events into the instruction panel to allow that to work properly
    • Tested and added instructions to both title menu and gameplay settings menu
    • Reworked gameplay settings menu to add a timewarp button, basically speed up gametime for anything that does not require human interaction (animations, etc)
    • Rearranged title menu settings ui a bit and added volume slider to title menu settings, volume slider now controls title and gameplay volume both

August 25th, 2023

  • Built out How To Play instruction panels
  • Tabs prepped to be linked to code for switching

August 25th, 2023

  • Documentation for How To Play Section
    • Written and awaiting feedback
  • General Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where end of month / end of player game screens would appear on top of taxman when his rule is active, now will wait a fraction then check for taxman before continuing
    • Fixed a bug where if the player moved BACK a space and hit the lottery, it would result in a negative multiplier
    • Fixed a bug where the taxman appeared underneath sell treaure window when you sold an item
    • Fixed a bug where if one player finished the game and another player still had a month more to go, that player could never finish and it would show the month end dialog instead of the game end
  • Lottery Spot
    • Worked up UI and scripting to handle the lottery spot.
    • Spin and win the die roll times the amount spun
  • Deal Card & Mail Card Manager
    • Added in several new deal cards for more variety
    • Total Deals Available: 75
    • Total Mail Cards Available: 544
  • Game UI Changes
    • Started removal of debug ui elements
    • Working on building out final player UI
  • Game Logic Changes
    • Building out second die usages
    • During the game, some spaces require the player to pay even thought its not their turn, in order to not take focus away from the current player, these payments will be handled automatically, if the player funds drop below 0, a mandatory loan process will initiate at the beginning of their turn
    • Building out final board spot and accompanying UI, the paycheck.
    • tallies all bills and payments due including loan payments
    • displays loan form if needed
    • If player chooses not to accept a loan and cant pay their bills, give the option to forfeit the game
  • Month End Routine and UI
    • Built out month end UI
    • Tabs – LOAN, BILLS, PAWN
      • Loan Tab
        • Handles paying loan payment, must make 10% minimum
        • if not enough to pay that, will automatically open a new loan unless player uses other options available
        • player can open a new loan from this window of any amount
      • Bills Tab
        • will cycle through all of players bills for the month, paying each individually
        • if not enough cash to pay, will open a new loan
        • some bills are covered by insurance if the player owns its
      • Pawn Tab
        • pawn tab gives players who have been lucky enough to get shopping spree items an extra way of making money
        • pawn shops will pick up to 5 items if the player has them
        • typically offers based upon the purchased price
        • sometimes an item is in demand and will base off the valued price instead
  • General Changes
    • Added in a highlight for each boardspace the player walks on, just to make sure they know the spot
    • Worked in vault collection and assigned some stuff to put money in vault instead of bank
    • Coded collecting vault money on a roll of 6
    • Rolling a 6, if the house rule is turned on allows player to roll again.
    • the roll again only plays once, meaning no repeated 6 roll again
  • UI Polish:
    • Started adding UI polish and more sound effects for some of the spaces
    • Changed walking sound to play a tick when each board space highlights
    • Roll again animation and sound effect implemented
    • Collect vault on a 6 animation and sound implemented
    • Added lottery initial sound effect on displays
    • Added sound effects for player announce banners
  • houseRule_followCam:
    • Implemented code to prevent the camera zoom and follow when turned off
    • Both modes fully functional now
  • houseRule_specialDie
    • Implemented code to only display the roll both button when rule is enabled
    • Added handler to process special die results and act accordingly
    • Working as intended
  • Main UI
    • Redid the title screen.. again.. but it has elements of every version of the title screen
    • Tweaked the main player UI
    • Added die faces to show you the rolls for 3 seconds after rolling the dice
    • Added text to the special die to display textual results
    • Modified roll both dice button to show the cost of rolling the specialty die, if the house rule is enabled
  • houseRule_taxMan:
    • Implemented code to steal 10% of all income
    • Only applies if the house rule is enabled
    • Takes tax from ALL income sources (except vault collection), including payday, pawn, special spaces, etc
  • houseRule_houseRule_stashTaxes:
    • Rule only applies if enabled and if taxMax rule is enabled
    • Tax money taken should be added to the vault
  • Forfeit Button
    • Added forfeit button to all players UI
    • Implemented new UI panel to handle forfeit confirmation
    • Code implemented to properly remove player from game
    • Tweaked UI code so it properly removes the forfeited players UI pieces
    • forfeiting does not allow any reconcillation such as selling deals at pawn at end of game, so all cash will be calculated as it stands, even if it results in a negative
  • Main UI updates
    • Updated multiple UI pieces, like taxman and bonus roll to use more unified UI styling
    • Updated code so that if the taxman is collecting, is doesnt proceed to announce the next player until thats done
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