More AI Work

More AI work is done, and now close to 80% of the game can be played by the AI. It’s kind of fun sitting back and watching the computer players play against each other, and to be honest, it’s going to make my testing a lot easier.

I’m no longer going to have to sit and click and make the choices to play through an entire game watching for anomalies while I play, I can set it up as AI players and just turn the speed up, watch them and look for any bugs or odd behaviors.

I think later I will finish up work on the selling special items , currently only a single item focus is supported; that’s when the game decides it’s only interested in one particular item, or if the player only has one item. I’m still tossing around ideas on how I want the to ‘browse’ offers when more than one applies, and which one it will choose.

Now I think it’s time for some Starfield!

Working on some basic AI

So this last week has been dedicated to working out some basic AI players for this latest project, CashFlo.. Mind you this is pretty simplistic stuff, definitely nothing special or that’s going to win any awards or anything, but it’s still AI, and it’s still a challenge to make it “look and feel” like a real player.

Mostly in this case, it’s going to be a pretty simplistic set of rules to determine outcomes. Do I have enough money to purchase this? Am I in the hole already? Is the loan amount needed more than triple my current cash.. I’m trying to add some randomness to it to give it the illusion of thought behind it. Not to mention adding a few timed delays, and having the AI control a mouse cursor so it actually looks like a person playing, instead of pieces just simply clicking and flashing around..

I hope it will be worth it in this case, I just know I need to get busy and get this finished and off to the beta team as soon as possible, especially if I’m going to hit my deadline on my next project (in theory the next project is supposed to be done by thanksgiving). I should have had this done at the beginning of the month, but ya know, there’s just been too many good game releases this month, namely BG3.. oops!

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