Cribbage Released and Climbing..

Cribbage was released on 12/5.. and despite the bugs, (that we have fixed!)  it continues to climb in sales, already surpassing Popalot and two thirds of the way to Tetridoku! Definitely surpassed my expectations, especially in the first 30 days. Now, there numbers and mine didn’t exactly line up, but theres a lot of reasons for that. I did see a bunch posts on social media where people had connectivity issues , so they’d only connect to a hotspot to download, and not stay connected while playing, which would in turn affect my tracking.. So, looks like my portion will be a little more than I expected.. 

But now that that is done and out of the way, it’s been back to work on some of the other projects sitting around, notably CashFlo, which is currently in beta testing and looking to be released next month. Also coming up will be Rogues & Riches, a board and card game based on robbing the vault and escaping before you’re caught! Definitely a lot of quick fun and strategy involved, and I’m having a blast with it!

Once Rogues is off to beta test, it will be time to move on to other projects.. still have goblins grotto, delve, opanico, skip, frustration and more.. I have enough on my plate to last through the year, and maybe then some.. Sigh.. That’s ok I guess, I am loving it and loving that people are having a great time playing my games! Thank you!

Little Over A Month In

It’s been just a little over a month since I put my other project on hold and jumped in to start cribbage for the game table. It bugs me a bit that the other project is soo close to completion, but sometimes the break is good. It’s given me some time to rethink a few choices and I am going to redo something that’s bugged me from the start, the tokens.. 

But I digress, In just a little over a month cribbage is almost done. With selecting custom backgrounds to twelve different custom cribbage boards, with 4 lanes on each one.. to 24 different AI generated voice tracks to choose from for scoring out loud.. Player names are in along with a rudimentary tracking system based on names of games won, skunks, etc. I have a few tweaks to put in for the player select so that you don’t have to type your name in over and over, but it will store the last used name for that position as a shortcut.. 

Game wise, most of it is done. The pegging phase is almost done, as that’s the most complex in all actuality, the second phase counting your hand with the cut card is easy, the scoring is already done, its just a matter of the animations and displays.. Pegs are already moving around the boards and can already determine when they hit 121, or when they’re skunked.

Everything is shaping up beautiful for a project I’ve only been working on for less than 60 days, and I actually think it will be done before that 60 day mark. Which will be great, because we can get it into beta testing and get it published in time for the holiday season sales! It may only have30-45 days on the market so I want to give it as much time as I can.. I still don’t know what I want to retail for, but 5.99 kinda sounds good right now. Later after i resolve some other issues on hand, I can come back and add connected play to this and go for round 2.. 

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