Nothing like a quick AI Gameplay video, in fast forward.. An entire month of two players condensed into roughly a minute and a half.

There are a few issues I see, mostly that annoying taxman banner, when its rotated for the player on the right side of the board, it insists on playing its animation in 2 different rotations, which is extremely odd considering when you look at it, only one of those is real, the other is this weird ghost image that I can not track down.

I have a fix, but it involves literally duplicating that prefab in unity, deleting the old one, and renaming the new one and assigning it. No code changes, its unity weirdness.. and it’s ONLY that one prefab.. it makes no sense. The dual animation on plays in the gameplay window on top of it all, it does not show up in the editor window.. I don’t have a clue what the deal is there, but the AI is almost done..

I need to implement it for the end of the month routines and end of game still, and all the logic and decision making that goes with that.. Of course animating the cursor too adds a lot of extra work, but I think it adds a little something extra to the game. If I had just decided to skip on the AI, I’d be done and on to my next project, but noooo… I decided to keep it.. ugh..

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