CashFlo Release Scheduled

Another year, another great game release, and hopefully only the first of many!

In their terminology, CashFlo has been code released. What does that mean? We have a release date! Wooooohooooo! So, on Feb 6th, jump onto your gameboard or table and snatch this one up fast!

They found a lot of bugs, and some especially difficult ones to track down as well. It left me searching through code until the very last moment. You’d think a board game would be pretty simplistic, but, lesson learned.. It’s anything but!

It did however give me a lot of ideas and a lot of reuseable code and things to work with for upcoming releases, and with each version and each game, some of those components get better and better and more and more robust, like the player select code.. Yea, I limit to 4 players typically, but if I had to my player select will handle pretty much whatever I throw at it, and it works surprisingly well. It was copied into Rogues and Riches, and is being copied into the next 4 projects as well. I have about 6 total projects in the work, so i’m hoping I can keep pace and release something new every 2 months or so. We’ll see how this goes! For now, it’s time to get back to work!

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