It’s interesting when you start working on a project. There’s things you plan for, things you think you planned for and then the things that you think you have covered until you realize you don’t which makes you replan your whole plan. Which is what tonight has led in to.

It’s not a problem per se, it’s just a matter of handling each players cards. In cribbage, you’re dealt x cards, and then you keep 4, and send the rest to the crib. That’s the part I didn’t think about.. The rest.. 

So in a 3 or 4 player game, it’s easy; you’re always putting one card in the crib. Queue 2 player mode.. crap.. now I have to rewrite things to allow for selecting two different cards to send to the crib. Fortunately I caught that early enough and it was a pretty simple fix, but it’s a lesson in planning. No matter how well you plan something out, it’s going to fall apart, or at least deviate.. End of story.. 

So code will continue, now that I have the ability to select cards to put in the crib, it’s now time to actually program that and the animations to move them there.. The rest, should be easy..


Famous last words, I know….

And just for fun…

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