Final Touches… And Another One Done…

Well, what was started back in June is now done.. Now mind you I took a 90 day break to work on That Cribbage Game, so if I started this in June, through December 1, works out to 6 months there, minus 90 for Cribbage, so about the same time frame; a full board game done in 90 days.. Rather proud of myself.. Of course due the timing and the time for testing, plus closures during the holiday season, it means this wont see publication until January, but hey, it’s done!

I still have to do up all the write ups and the media, screenshots, videos etc for it, and I’m sure I’m going to look at performance tweaks.. At least on the game table, which is lowest hardware, it’s running 15fps.. I am going to almost guarantee that’s due to images and compression, so once all that is tweaked, it should be 30fps.. I’m also sure it’s going to run much better on the game board.. better and faster hardware and all. 

So overall sine June, that makes 2 games done.. I’m rather proud of myself.. Now if I can cut that time down to 60 days or so?  Then i cant get the next 5 projects done next year.. Lol    5.. Lets see, Opanico, Gremlins Grotto, Frustration, Precision, and Delve.. 3 are clones of other popular games, and 2 are unique titles. All will be developed exclusively for the Infinity Game Table right now.. 

Anyways, thinking bedtime… it was a good day!

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